ZbigZ 25 Premium Accounts 2014 April Update

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Falt-Mag Responsive Blogger Template Most Advanced SEO Optimized ATH

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Flat Mag Responsive Blogger Template is a multi-purpose straight Blogger template precisely designed for multimedia, news bulletin, Entertainment and Technology blogs. With elegant green color scheme, Fla tMag gives you visitors the experience of their life as they go though the responsive and flexible design. It has a lot of useful and key widgets, which come which are ready-to-use from the time this template is installed on your blog. Following are the few key features we have incorporated in this responsive blogger theme.

Author : Anirudh Pulikonda - http://www.alltechhacks.net/

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Windows Phone 8.1 Features and Release Date

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Microsoft officially unveiled the latest revision of its mobile platform - Windows Phone 8.1. The new release brings a lot of new features and improvements to the OS. Most of those you already know from the numerous leaks through the pre-release SDK, but here's the full list.

Cortana – Windows Phone’s personal virtual assistant

Windows Phone 8.1 brings its own virtual personal assistant called Cortana. With Android having Google Now and Apple boasting Siri, it was about time Microsoft also joined the native personal assistant to Windows Phone.
The Bing-powered Cortana plays an important role in WP 8.1 letting you set reminders, calendar events, call people, give you information about places you have or plan to visit. She also knows sports, gives weather info and basically everything you would expect from a virtual assistant. She’s going to be accessible through the Search key and features advanced voice recognition. This allows you to ask Cortana to search the web as well.
Cortana is also able to feed you custom notifications based on your personal information and usage data, should you allow it, much like Google Now. At launch, Bing and Foursquare are going to be feeding Cortana with information for places and events, but more online services will follow soon.
Joe Belfiore confirmed Cortana will be available in the US at first with the UK and China second. Other countries will follow later on.

Action Center

Windows Phone 8.1 finally gets a dedicated notification center called Action Center. It holds customizable quick setting toggles, which include brightness adjustment, location settings, rotation locks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off among others. Below that you get a notification drawer with a full list of ongoing notifications such as email, text messages, missed calls and even notifications from Cortana.

Updated lockscreen and custom tile backgrounds

Thanks to new open APIs, Windows Phone 8.1 allows applications to take control over the lockscreen and change the theme or alter its functionality altogether.

Joe Belfiore demonstrated a bunch of cool lockscreens, which displayed custom calendar entries with nice designs.
The other great customization feature is the option to set up custom backgrounds for the Start screen tiles. Small, but totally needed feature to make Windows Phone truly personal.
Another UI change means that you will now be able to select whether to have a third live tile column on the Start screen. Previously, this was set only by the phone manufacturer, so it's cool Microsoft lets the user make this decision in WP 8.1.

Internet Explorer 11

Windows Phone 8.1 ships with the latest version of Internet Explorer. IE 11 brings reading view, which grabs websites and extracts their text for easier reading. It also comes with a tuned up password manager, which will sync your passwords across multiple devices.
There’s also an InPrivate mode enabling incognito browsing. It doesn’t make you invisible on the web, but rather disable history storing and cookie information is deleted once an incognito tab is closed.
Users are now able to upload files through IE 11, with the browser also supporting WebGL and YouTube’s HTML5 video player.

Enterprise and security

The latest instalment of Windows Phone comes with VPN support. Now, you can punch in your VPN settings into the phone and surf the way more securely. WP 8.1 also supports S/MIME, which allows you sign and encrypt your email.

Sense apps

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about its Sense apps and has added a few cool features to them. Battery Power Sense is the familiar app that tracks what software uses the phone’s resources most and gives you a handy overview of how your phone’s battery gets drained. Naturally, you can do something about it thanks to the Battery Saver option, which has app exclusion list.

Data and Wi-Fi Sense will give you greater control over how you use your network. Wi-Fi Sense is a cool new addition that gives you the ability to share the internet connectivity of your secured Wi-Fi networks with your Skype, Facebook and Outlook contacts without having to give the password. It also allows you to find and connect to free open Wi-Fi networks automatically.

Misc features

On-screen keys
Just as a couple leaked screenshots suggested earlier, Windows Phone 8.1 now features on-screen software keys – Search, Start and Back. This means the requirement for hardware keys below the screen is a thing of the past
Quiet hours
Now in Windows Phone 8.1 you can set any period of the day when you want only a certain group of people to be able to reach you. This feature is called Quiet hours and is accessible from the Settings.
Wordflow Keyboard
A new option in the Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard is called Wordflow - a Swype-like input method allowing you to quickly input words by swiping through the letters. Joe Belfiore says it's so good that in fact it has set the new Guinness World Record for fastest writing on a smartphone, dethroning the Galaxy S4.


The Windows Phone 8.1 update will be officially released in a few months (that's as specific as Microsoft got), while new devices running it will start shipping in late April/early May. It's not specified which WP8 handsets will be treated to the update at this point, but we guess the list will be quite extensive.
And if you are registered Microsoft developer, you will be able to get an early glimpse on the update as early as April 10.
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How to Protect Google Chrome  with Password?

In , , By anirudh pulikonda / 6:26 PM
Don’t worry we come up with one smart extension which protects your online session history, your web services passwords and so many other things.


ChromePW is the ultimate extension for chrome users to protect their web browsers from others without accessing. It provides an incredible solution to lock down your browser with password. Actually all browsers have some security about storing passwords but no browser give full support to protect everything which is related to you on browser. This extension gives so many options which tighten your browser security. Here security means it doesn’t stop hacker attacks and malware attacks, it only protects your browser from other users who try to access physically.

How to Setup password Protection to Chrome Browser?

1. First of all you need to download chromePW extension from the below link, after downloading extension install it on your browser by clicking on Add button.
2. After installing it shows a message which means extension installed successfully, before using it you need to do some configurations. Click on Ok button to continue extension setup.
chromepw extension installation
3. Now you need to enable this chrome extension on “Incognito mode” also, because someone try to open it onprivate browsing mode. After enable it on Incognito mode click on next button.
allow chromepw in private browsing
4. Now it shows another window with some FAQ(Frequently asked questions) and answers. It listed four questions about security of extension and provide some tips to harden your browser security. If you use non windows operating system then choose your operating system from drop down list. For future purpose print all question and answers.
advanced security settings
5. After that click on Next button and you will see extension security settings. It have 4 widgets and each one have some sort of settings.
6. First type password which is not easy to guessed by others and again type the same password, type password hint which will be useful in case of forgetting password.
set password on chromepw extension
7. Click on save button to turn on password protection, you can set automatic lock for your browser after certain time. Then it will automatically locks your browser with password protection.
8. You must enable security mode because it protects chromepw extension being terminated by task manager. If anyone try to open another program while chrome browser locked it will automatically closed.
enable security mode in chromepw extension
9. You can also block websites from this extension and if you want to reset this extension settings and password click on Reset Button.
As mentioned earlier this doesn’t provide full security because someone try to remove this extension folder who use your computer, so to get advanced security you must follow guidelines provided by this extension at the time of password setup. I try this extension in my chrome browser and it works efficiently without creating any problems. This will surely protect your browsing data, saved passwords and other important data stored on browser.
If you have any problems with this application while installing then leave a comment below.
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Stickify Responsive Blogger Template Most Advanced SEO Optimized ATH

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Stickify Responsive is a responsive gallery blogger template with a remarkable clean layout design suitable for any type of site. Created with love using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques with a validity code, completely responsive to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usable with any device as well as PCs, also including beautiful slider and masonry posts area, It’s the most technically advanced blogger template on blogger.

Author : Anirudh Pulikonda - http://www.alltechhacks.net/

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Note: Don't Try to Edit Footer Credits Because The JavaScript Featured in this template redirects your Blog to All Tech Hacks if Changed

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Tasting Blogger Template Most Advanced SEO Optimized ATH

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Tasting is a 2 Columns Blogger Template with Responsive Design. Tasting Blogger Template has a jQuery Slider, Dropdown Menus, Related Posts, Breadcrumb, 3 Columns Footer, Tabbed Widget and More Features.

Note: Don't Try to Edit Footer Credits Because The javascript Featured in this template redirects your Blog to All Tech Hacks if Changed

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Download Flappy Bird .apk for your Android Device

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Why there is so much craze for the game “Flappy Bird” and why did the creator took it down from the play store? All these could look natural but for people there might also be a reason why it was taken down. Flappy Bird game is a very popular game during recent time with both Android and iPhone users which had more than 50 million downloads within a short span of time. Thousands of people are looking where to download the game after it has been taken down from the Google play store and iTunes website.

If some website claims to give you the game for money then you must realize that you are being tricked for money because this application could be downloaded for free even if it’s not available in play stores.

Download Flappy Bird Game on Android Unofficially(.apk File)

When there are so many games why did this game created much craze towards every gamers ? If you haven’t played the game before then you might even have the same question rolling on your mind about this game.
Flappy Bird is a kind of the game which can bring the feel of good old vintage days where you used to sit along with your friends in your house trying to save the girlfriend of “Mario“. The way the the Flappy Bird has been programmed gives you a 8-bit look which resembles graphics of the video games from 90′s.
The game’s scenario is to fly the bird by tapping on it and move it forward as far as you can by crossing the obstacles. You are credited with 1 score when you cross the obstacle successfully and the obstacle is nothing but the grass green pipes which were much more familiar with us from the game Super Mario.
There are thousands of games but what made it more addicative game ? The reason behind the massive success of the game is that the game is difficult to be played. To get a High score in Flappy Bird you need have two things in your life. One is patience and the other is Concentration , it’s not surprising that i’m not including luck here because luck doesn’t favors you in this game at any moment.  The reason why it’s so addictive is every gamer who starts a game will look towards getting a high score and move on to the next game but what happens with this game is that it doesn’t allow you to score much. Even you might end up within one digit score and that’s where it makes everyone feels like playing it more and more.
The score can also be shared in social networking sites and people would naturally fight with the game to rank number one among their friends. This even happened with Subway surfers but what made it more sensational about this game?

But why Thousand of People Searching for How to Download Flappy Bird Game?

Everything was going well but suddenly the owner removed the applications form the stores yesterday and left a twitter message that he’s taking down the application from the stores because he can’t take it anymore. At first this made many people exciting because why an application which is making more than $50,000 every dayhave to be removed?
What happened after the Game has been removed ? A guy made a sale on e-bay for an used iPhone with Flappy Bird for the price tag of $99,990. No one knows why the game could have been taken down from the play store and it still there are different reasons being rumored within people all over the internet.
I personally feel that why would some one download this game which doesn’t worth that much money. That’s why I thought of sharing the free download link of the game unofficially.

Click here to download .apk of Flappy bird
Download the file from the link to your Windows or Mac pc and transfer it to your Android device. Use a good file explorer to open the file and just like any other application double tap on it to install the game on your Android mobile phone.

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